Very interesting pulseaudio problems?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Thu Oct 1 13:15:28 BST 2009


I test my workaround with my netbook, I see following results:
1. If pulseaudio installed, and .pulse_a11y_nostart file is present my 
home directory, impossible use gnome-volume-control application and fn 
function keys with my netbook, and impossible use sound-related fn keys 
(volume up, volume down, etc). But Orca run and speech correct.

2. If pulseaudio removed, the simptomns is same.

3. If pulseaudio is installed, and I delete the .pulse_a11y_nostart 
file, all works fine, except Orca screen reader. Orca cuts all words 
(for example in settings button I hear "se" word, impossible to use the 
screen reader.

I think this is Ubuntu specific problem, in Debian Sid, pulseaudio 
version is 0.9.18-1. If pulseaudio installed and running, not disturb 
Orca screen reader, except first starting (in first start Orca does'nt 
talking with Debian Sid). But I not see word cuts, not disturb 
gnome-volume-control application.
If I remove pulseaudio with Debian Sid, not disturb for example 
gnome-volume-control application, Orca working perfect.

Because I am interesting, I download pulseaudio dependent sources my 
Debian Sid system, and try install my Karmic system. If I see good 
result, I write my next letter.


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