does anyone know of a small live cd with software speech

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Sat Jun 13 18:31:53 BST 2009

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009, mike wrote:

> Hi, I am in need of a small rescue live CD that would have software speech. Grml is perfect, but they don't include the option for software speech on their median or small CD.
>    There is a Ubuntu rescue CD, but it has no software speech on it. 
>    Do any of you know of any distro experimental or normal that has software speech using speakup or yasr on it?

I've not explored this, but Knoppix is supposed to have speech.

It links here, which claims the screen reader is enabled by default

But, OTOH, ISTR that Knoppix ceased to fit on a CD after 5.x, though
I could be wrong.

>    Thanks Mike.

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