A few more questions on Thunderbird

Paul Hunt huntp at ukonline.co.uk
Sat Jun 6 19:08:56 BST 2009


I have the view set to html and it works fine for me.


On 06/06/09 18:57, Peter Torpey wrote:
> Jan,
> Yes, I had the view set to read the mail in HTML format.  Doesn't this work
> with tb?  I thought that would make navigation easier and format more
> accurate.
> I'll try setting the view to plain text.
> If
>   Tb doesn't work with HTML view, should that be noted on the Orca bug list?
> As I indicated, I could navigate to the message body and read it in the HTML
> view, but it certainly wasn't easy to get there.
> T
> Hanks.
> --
> Pete
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> Hi,
>> On 06/06/09 15:59, Peter Torpey wrote:
>>> 1. 1.  What is the best way to open and read a message in
>>> Thunderbird?  I haven't been able to do this without performing a lot
>>> of tabbing.  I'm used to just hitting enter on messages to read them,
>>> but that doesn't seem to work in Thunderbird with Orca.
> Perhaps this happens because you are reading the mails in original html?
> Take a look into the view menu ->  Message Body as..
> Here "plain text" should be activated.

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