a question about the ubuntu desktop

mike kb8aey at verizon.net
Fri Jun 5 06:45:36 BST 2009

Hi, I have the karmic development build of ubuntu working good except for one thing. When I uninstall pulseaudio, it also uninstalls the ubuntu desktop. It must not have uninstalled anything other than graphics because everything still seems to be the same in the menus. But after that every time I log in I get a error sound and loading stops. Pressing enter causes it to finish loading and Orca starts talking fine. I installed pulse again and still got the error. But when I installed the ubuntu desktop it went away. The problem is, when I install the ubuntu desktop, it installs pulseaudio.
Does anyone know what programs are part of the desktop. Obviously it isn't much because it only took a few seconds to install. If I know the programs maybe I can find the one needed to stop the error.

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