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And add brltty to the installer again

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Ämne: Some Karmic milestone question

Dear List!

Luke, I look Karmic milestones, and see some interesting milestones: 1.
Replacing Pidgin with Empathy in Karmic Alpha3. What your openion?
Possible accessible this application with final 
release? Now impossible using contacts table with Orca. Possible install
Pidgin if the user want this application, or drop 
entire this application?

2. In the beta milestones I see you want replace gnome-speech with 
speech-dispatcher with Karmic Beta. I known, this is long process, but 
in future this is good thing. I have some question:
The user possible use with final release the old gnome-speech method if 
want? Need install required gnome-speech packages with universe 
repository, or installed with live cd? I ask this, because now when 
using speech-dispatcher, impossible setting punctuation with orca 
settings dialog, only now need manual edit the speec-dispatcher config 
files. See this bug:

Another problem (I think only this is hungarian specific problem but not

sure), need do the important punctuation characters (., /, space 
character etc) with espeak native hungarian language dictionary, because

this characters handled with old gnome-speech method now, and 
speech-dispatcher only use espeak directly and skyp the gnome-speech 
central method, I do this task welcome. What place I send the hu_list 
and hu_rules file when I done this task? Or have better method to fix 
this problem but not disturb another language users?

3. The "Replace Run Application (Alt+F2) with gnome-do "milestone I read

"gnome-do can do everything that gnome's default run application windows

can do. replace the current run application(alt+f2) with gnome-do." What
will be happen with accessibility? When I look gnome-do in Jaunty, 
this application was impossible to using Orca screen reader.



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