Short 9.04 impressions

Hammer Attila hammera at
Mon Jan 26 11:25:16 GMT 2009

Dear List!

I trying Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha3 with accessibility support.
Because I not want inserting manualy snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss
modules and testing purpose I want makinfg different changes, I making a
custom live cd with trivial offficial accessibility changes with page and following changes:
1. inserting the snd-mixer-oss and snd-pcm-oss modules with /etc/modules
2. Configuring default accessibility support to screen reader with
When extracted the filesystem.squashfs file and chrooted the new system,
typing following commands:
gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility true
gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/applications/at/visual/startup true
I like this, because BeLin (similar release with Vinux) using this method.

I disabling pulse audio because lot of time my machine lost speech Hardy
and Intrepid. I using following documentation:

When booting the live cd, it is very fast. Because inserting snd-pcm-oss
module and snd-mixer-oss module, the sound is correct work my desktop
machine, but my notebook the sound is not working because I not have
sighted assistance yet. The login sound is not played, but the Orca
screen reader is starting automaticaly and talking correct.
I found following problems, please anybody confirm:
1. When typing any application with my keyboard, Espeak saying later the
typed character, such as 2 second later when I pressing a letter for
example. When moving a menu (for example the applications menu), Orca or
espeak is very slow, wait 1,5 or two second before speaking. I using 70
speech rate it is very fast. :-):-) The latenci is very disturb when I
trying fastest moving the menues or dialog controls with official
navigation methods.
I have got a Creative Audigy LS sound card my desktop machine.

For example in Hardy or Intrepid, Espeak doing a little latency, but lot
of slowest with Debian Lenny. If I working in Lenny, the typing is very
fast, the moving operations is fastest. If I known right, Debian using
oldest gnome-speech version. Possible fixing this latenci problem and
fastest the speech latenci?
Sure by sure, I making another live cd with only loading snd-pcm-oss
module and snd-mixer-oss module, skipping the pulseaudio changes.
If the problem is not present the limited live cd, I writing another letter.

2. When I launching Mozilla Firefox, the heading navigations is not
speeching. For example when I pressing h key, not spokening the actual
heading level.

3. When I trying install with 9.04, I founding following problemsafter
running Ubiquity:
- Language list is not spokening yet.
- partitioner manual setting is not working, only see entire disk, but
not seeing partitions and I not want losing data.

I known, 9.04 is an alpha state, but if not happen drastical think, it
is very stable release in final date.

I would like thank everybody helping solving my desktop sound problem.

I waiting alpha-4 release, because I very like testing development
versions. :-):-)


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