has anyone had this problem with 9.04

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Mon Jan 26 06:54:53 GMT 2009

Dear List!

Mike, what dayly of live cd talking your machine?
I looking 2009-01-23 day live cd, natively the sound is not work, friday
I don't known following workaround with orca-list:
"Solution: Once the livecd is booted up (note, these alpha builds do not
seem to play a login sound) open gnome-terminal (alt+f2 followed by
gnome-terminal). Issue the following command:
sudo modprobe snd-mixer-oss snd-pcm-oss
Now, to test, issue the command:
espeak hello
Espeak should say hello. Now, run orca and go through the setup. When it
asks you to log out, say no as this isn't working properly on the
livecd, at least not for me.
To log out manually, do the following (note: ctrl-alt-backspace is
disabled so this shortcut won't work anymore to kill the X session):
alt+f1, left arrow, down arrow, l, alt+l.
The disk should spin and you should then get the drum sound, indicating
that you are at the login prompt. Login with the username "ubuntu"
without the quotes. press enter twice as this user has no password. From
here on out, it is exactly like installing Ubuntu 8.10: envoke
gnome-terminal, sudo su, start orca with --no-setup and run ubiquity."
This steps need your machine?


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