Braille terminals and Ubuntu

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Sat Jan 17 22:16:30 GMT 2009

[PT] I loaded Ubuntu 8.1 into a VMWare virtual machine to test drive Ubuntu
before I commit putting it on my Windows PC.  It's a bit sluggish, but it
seems to work.
Anyway, I got Orca to work fine (out of a USB sound card even!), but can't
get the braille to work.

I have tried both a Powerbraille 40 connected via USB to serial adapter (I
could imagine this wouldn't work since Ubuntu probably doesn't have the
drivers for the Belcan USB to serial adapter I'm using), and I also tried a
Pacmate display connected via USB.

Neither display is automatically seen when I restart Orca after selecting to
use braille.  I also tried running the BrlTTY command from the run menu with
no success.

Is there a particular magic to getting a braille display to work with

Also, I noticed that the Ubuntu 9.04 release is out.  Is the access software
and usability any better with this later version?


-- Pete

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