Windows, MS Virtual Machine, JAWS, and Ubuntu

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Tue Jan 6 02:14:41 GMT 2009



I am a blind user who uses the screen reader JAWS to interact with my
Windows PC.


I am considering installing Ubuntu on my PC, but since I use Windows
frequently for some things, I would like to run Ubuntu and Orca in a virtual
machine under Windows rather than as a separately booting OS (which would
mean taking a lot of time to switch OS).


So, my questions are:


1.        Will a screen reader such as JAWS work well with the Microsoft
Virtual Machine (I'm using XP Pro).

2.       If I can get Ubuntu to load inside the virtual machine, will the
Linux screen reader Orca be able to work inside Ubuntu?

3.       Will there be a problem with two OS's (one running in a virtual
machine) using the sound output for speech?


Thanks for any info or user experiences.


n  Pete


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