Best way to change default user configurations?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Mon Dec 28 17:17:02 GMT 2009

Hy Bill,

You wroted:
"The easy way for me to do this is to create a package that installs a
ton of files in /etc/skel.  Alternatively, I could modify the various
packages involved so that their default settings are compatible with

What is the "right" way to do this, and what is the expediant way,
given that I don't have much time to work on this?"
I am not full sure what the best way. With first alternative (/etc/skel 
style package) not possible do a custom postinst script to put the 
default settings with all existing user home folder? New users get the 
Vinux specific style, because all /etc/skell folders and files copyed 
automaticaly when a new user is created, so, the existing users 
management need fixing if this is possible. I newer do custom postinst 
script with a package. If I understand right, your purpose if any people 
installing any Ubuntu version with future, simplest do Vinux style 
Desktop with existing operating system.

For example, I tryed do a similar package with my /etc/skel folder. The 
package is working correct, except if I begin put custom configuration 
files with the package (/etc/brltty.conf with hungarian braille table 
selection, modifyed hungarian braille table files with /etc/brltty 
directory, etc). When I do this changes, the package does'nt installed, 
because another package containing for example the /etc/brltty/hu.ttb 
file (Brltty package), but I would like absolute sure owerwrite the 
original hu.ttb file. I would like only play my system when I try do 
this package, because my purpose with BeLin (similar with Vinux) 
manufacturing in future need do a simple package with put hungarian 
specific modifications with one package install. :-):-)
This is simplest my work when I manufacturing custom cd, but simplest 
the beginner hungarian users work if using another Ubuntu release (newer 
release without special BeLin cd).

The second alternative (make custom packages with Compiz, etc) is 
difficulter I think, because Launcpad if I remember right old time only 
accept source packages, and the virtual build system making the packages 
automaticaly with default settings. Or Launchpad ppa accept now source 
and binary .deb uploading?
If original Compiz package have default configuration file or schema, 
your work is simple: you editing the config file, and going upload the 
new package. :-):-)

But I think this is not simple think.


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