Best way to change default user configurations?

Bill Cox waywardgeek at
Mon Dec 28 16:14:29 GMT 2009

I've got a couple packages now on the Vinux/Ubuntu Karmic ppa on  They provide an updated pulseaudio driver for
speech-dispatcher, and some 32-bit binaries for voxin compatibility on
64-bit systems.  I'd like to make a couple virtual-packages, called
vinux-metacity and vinux-compiz, that would automatically set up
default keybindings, menu settings, and several other things that make
Ubuntu more like Vinux, which is more a much more user-friendly setup
for the blind and visually impaired than the default settings.

The easy way for me to do this is to create a package that installs a
ton of files in /etc/skel.  Alternatively, I could modify the various
packages involved so that their default settings are compatible with

What is the "right" way to do this, and what is the expediant way,
given that I don't have much time to work on this?


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