speakup kernel and modules

Pia pmikeal at comcast.net
Sat Dec 12 14:36:35 GMT 2009


 	I am wondering why Ubuntu has decided not to make a binary package 
of a speakup kernel and modules.  I and a lot of other blind people would 
really benefit from it.  Many other distros distribute binary versions of 
speakup kernels and so it was always odd to me that the most user oriented 
distro would not distribute one.  So, I figured there may be a reason. 
Please let me know if it is just a matter of finding someone to package 
one.  I would like to volunteer to help but trying to get on as an actual 
developer with Ubuntu does not look very easy.  That is good in a way 
because it means you are more likely to get quality packages that are not 
suspicious, but also means that I don't haven't found time to go through 
the whole application process.  I would like to see a binary package of 
speakup though.  If this is possible that would be wonderful, but if there 
is a reason why Ubuntu is not doing this, that would also be good to know.



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