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Hello Arki and all

 Your reply implies that all is well, in fact those who tried speech with
Karmic knows that it is for all practical purposes unusable.  It is my
impression that even geeks can't get it to work reliably PulseAudio is too
deeply embedded into the system and it seems that those looking after audio
in Canonical never considered the impact of this on the blind community.
There is a bold statement about accessibility on Ubuntu's website but it
seems to have no roots in reality at least with Karmic.

Jaunty had at least a clean way to remove PulseAudio and in fact it is the
first distro I can use as a blind person productively - thanks to all
concerned.  Karmic is completely the other way - unusable.

Yes I am aware of the various tweaks with limited effect and completely
unworkable for the typical blind Windows or Mac user looking for an
When Karmic was released I thought this problem  was a glitch, an oversight
which will be sorted out; there are no visible sighnes of this yet, at least
nothing that the blind community is aware of.


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Hi Josh, 

Ubuntu LiveCD has an accessibility mode that enables blind users to use Orca
screen reader and magnifier.




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	I think in the next release when ubuntu live cd/dvd starts up it
should detect the sound card then say: if you're blind do this to start the
live cd with orca and dothat to start the installer with orca. make it more
like the mac with voiceover kind of. 
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