Speakup and Orca?

Tomas Cerha cerha at brailcom.org
Tue Sep 2 08:51:20 BST 2008

JM & Angel wrote:
> Does espeakup replace speech-dispatcher?

More precisely it replaces speechd-up.  Speechd-up is a connector
between speakup and Speech Dispatcher, while espeakup connects speakup
directly (and solely) to the Espeak synthesizer.

Espeakup is a single purpose solution omitting the Speech Dispatcher's
abstraction layer completely.  As such, it might be easier to set up if
you don't have Speech Dispatcher installed, but it misses features
supported by speechd-up/Speech Dispatcher, such as internationalization,
independence on the synth engine and interoperation with other assistive
technologies (Orca, Yasr and others) which also use Speech Dispatcher.

> I read in the speakup documentation that you need SD running to use a software
> synth, but the person who installed this stuff for me seemed to indicate
> that SD conflicted with something or that espeakup somehow superceded
> it.

They should not conflict, bot only one of them may be used at a moment.

Best regards, Tomas

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