Hardy and Alsa

Deborah Norling debee at jfcl.com
Sun May 18 04:58:15 BST 2008

Thanks Kenny for the heads up on PulseAudio! I clearly broke my system by
making those changes from the FAQ. I'd edit the FAQ if I knew more. Maybe
someone who does, should. 

So with PulseAudio, am I supposed to be able to get multiple sound channels
-- like listening to internet radio and software speech simultaneously? I
know I have a multi-channel sound card on this machine. Which media players
are compatible with this new-fangled thing? 

Several years ago, Alsa replaced Oss, and I never completely understood why.
I did understand for some apps you had to run Oss emulation.

Is Pulse-Audio now a new replacement for Alsa? So where is there user level
documentation on PulseAudio? What makes it better? Do I now have to find
Alsa emulation for PulseAudio?

What else does this break? Would voxin or ttsynth for example still work? 
Any pointers to reading material would be appreciated.

I have this love-hate relationship with Linux, and I think the thing I hate
the most is the abundance of out-of-date and downright dangerous
documentation. Not to mention the general lack of clear docs. I keep vowing
to write some, but I always seem to be behind, and by the time I understand
something thoroughly enough to document it, the thing I understand is

I think I'm going to wear a t-shirt that says:
	Everything I know is now depricated!


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