Hardy and Alsa

Kenny Hitt kenny at hittsjunk.net
Sat May 17 00:45:16 BST 2008

hi.  Yes, that info is no longer valid.  Hardy now uses pulseaudio for all output.  Gnome-speech is already set up to use pulseaudio.
i don't have a Hardy install nere now, but you should have left gnome-speech alone and changed all audio output in system sound to pulse instead of alsa.

Hope this helps.

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 04:36:28PM -0700, Deborah Norling wrote:
> I am following the directions in question number 4 of the Orca faq under the
> heading titled:
> >How do I get Orca to speak alongside other ALSA applications?
> Apt-get says that alsa-oss is already installed and the newest version. This
> is Hardy, installed from the live CD choosing mostly defaults. Orca worked
> fine, but other media players were silent when orca was running.
> I easily locate and edit the file
> GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Espeak.server.
> I change the third line, as the FAQ instructs so it now reads:
> type="exe" location="/usr/bin/aoss /usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-driver"
> I save, shutdown safely and restart.
> This completely breaks speech in Orca. However, I can run espeak on a
> command line in gnome-terminal and get speech for example a simple ls |
> espeak works fine.
> Does this information in the FAQ no longer pertain to Hardy? I remember
> reading somewhere that Hardy's sound drivers had drastically changed, but I
> can't locate the information now.
> --Debee

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