Helpplease? Install inside of windows problem

alan c aeclist at
Fri May 9 14:28:15 BST 2008

Ann wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am running Windows XP Home edition. I just downloaded and burned a 
> copy of the latest Ubuntu. Has anyone tried the Install Inside of 
> Windows option that comes with the new Ubuntu 8.04 distribution? I am 
> trying to install this, but am having a problem. As some point in the 
> install, during the creating image, I get a message saying "Cannot 
> access CD. Please make sure no other application is accessing it". I am 
> using the default settings, and going in to the Accessibility menu to 
> enable Orca.
> As far as I know, no other application is trying to access the CD. The 
> CD does work. I can boot in to Ubuntu from the CD, have Orca running, 
> etc. I just can't seem to get the Install Inside of Windows option to, 
> well, install because of the "cannot access CD" message. Does anyone 
> have any ideas?

I have used it for test and demonstration a few times now, with no 
problem, so it can work ok.

The early stages of the 'WUBI' activity is used to create a CD iso 
image in the machine, similar to if you had downloaded the CD image 
yourself. I believe that the later stages first check the image, then, 
after a reboot - and you have to choose to go into ubuntu - the 
install then happens more fully.

Does the CD check itself ok as 'Check the CD for Errors'? (in the 
suspect drive?)

My guess is that the reading from your CD drive is marginal quality, 
and maybe it just fails on these occasions. Repeat tries may improve 
it or maybe not.....   Is changing the CD drive possible? another CD?

If it is important to use wubi then it is in principle possible to get 
the iso image (downloaded) and run the wubi exe file in the same 
folder as the iso image file and wubi will install from the file 
directly without using a cd. Although I have not done this myself.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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