qemu, Ubuntu CDs, and braille

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Fri May 2 01:05:43 BST 2008


svn's version of qemu (as well as the debian qemu package starting
from version 0.9.1-4) has support for virtual braille devices.  That
means that people without braille device can still check the support by
installing brltty and then running:

brltty -b xw -A auth=user,host=:1 &
BRLAPI_HOST=:1 qemu -usbdevice braille -cdrom ubuntu.iso

which will display a fake braille device, on which will appear the
output of the virtual USB device emulated by qemu.

That will probably be helpful to get (sighted) ubuntu core developers
test e.g. automatic brltty+orca installation/launch upon detection of
braille device, so please spread the word ;)


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