solved: Re: all right, who broke it (sound in hardy)

Guy Schlosser guyster at
Tue Mar 11 00:18:04 GMT 2008

I am happy to report, my sound problem is solved.  I installed the 
new kernel, and everything is back to normal.  I still 
have no system sounds, but at least I have sound in orca, and can get 
sound if I play an MP3, or load a video game.  Thanks Mike and Luke 
for the quick responses.



At 05:37 PM 3/10/2008, Luke Yelavich wrote:
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>On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 03:18:53AM EST, Guy Schlosser wrote:
> > Hey all, anyone else have any sound problems after yesterday's
> > updates?  I downloaded updates for Hardy last night, and when I
> > rebooted, I have no sound at all (system or other).
>Yes, I experienced the same thing. If you can, and if you still have 
>it, go back to the 2.6.24-11 kernel. For anybody else, please don't 
>update hardy just yet if you can, until I let everyone know things are
>fixed. Either that, or make sure you boot the 2.6.24-11 kernel. 
>Sound is majorly broken in the latest kernel.
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