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greetings all,
I made a booboo.
I was attempting to install firefox3 and upgrade from orca2.20.0 to orca2.21.4 on my new installation of ubuntu gutsy gibbon.  my ubuntu machine is not connected to the internet so I had to track downa mess of deb files and carry them over.  I'm not sure what happened, I must have missed one.  Ubuntu told me I couldn't install firefox; then I got a message that I had an unresolved broken package on my system.  Ubuntu recommended "sudo apt-get install -f".  I did this, and now when I login, an error message pops up saying at-spi is being requested, but can't be found (I got this from sighted assistance).  
I tried to clan out the folder whre I stored teh deb files then did "sudo apt-get clean". I made sure the ubuntu CD was in the tray and did "sudo ap-get update".  
Now I can't get orca to install.  Ubuntu says at-spi can't install because it needs gnome-mag and gnome-mag is uninstallable possibly because it's an impossible configuration.
My next step was to try and re-install ubuntu, but I can't figure out how to install only over the existing ubuntu partitian.  When I installed the first time, I had ubuntu partitian my windowsXP harddrive and only use two-thirds.  Now when I go to the live cd I can use the entire 32 gigs of the harddrive or if I chose the next option down, there's a slider bar and when I slide it to 100% it says something like 8 gigs.  To e it sounds like t's trying to add another partitian along side my broken ubuntu installation.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can get orca up and running again; short of wiping the disk and starting from scratch (yes I have everything backed up, I could do it; it just feels to much like giving up to me)?
Thank you
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