Run Vibuntu on USB with persistant storage!

Anthony Sales tony.sales at
Tue Dec 16 20:28:01 GMT 2008

Exciting news! I have worked out how to trick the default Ubuntu USB
installer (which is accessible with Orca) into copying the Vibuntu iso onto a
USB memory stick with persistent storage! The process is quite straight
forward: There is a hidden folder on the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD called .disk and
this is the file the Ubuntu USB Installer looks for to verify it is the
official version. All you need to do is to mount the Vibuntu iso image, copy
this folder into the top layer and unmount the iso. I used isomaster to do
this which is accessible but there must be a simple way to do this from the
terminal, I will try to work it out but if anyone already knows how to do
this please post the commands for everyone to use. I do not think it is worth
releasing a new version of Vibuntu just to include this but I will add the
.disk file to the next release so users can create a bootable USB memory
stick with persistance easily!

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