Roll your own Vibuntu in 10 easy steps!

alan c aeclist at
Tue Dec 16 15:03:11 GMT 2008

Anthony Sales wrote:
> I have now posted a rough guide to how I made Vibuntu 1.2 from a default
> install of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on the Vibuntu Development Blog for
> anyone who is interested - 
> I expect all of your own personalised versions of Vibuntu to be on my desk
> before Double History on Friday afternoon otherwise I will give you all
> detention, and you won't be allowed to go on the school trip! <wacks his
> trusty bamboo cane firmly onto a dusty pile of maths textbooks and tries to
> look fierce!>
> drbongo

Well done Anthony!

alan cocks
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