Vibuntu Press Release

Anthony Sales tony.sales at
Fri Dec 12 21:00:20 GMT 2008

I have written a short press release aimed at VI users who may not know about
Linux. I would be grateful if you could post it on any general
accessibility/software sites/forums you use if you think it would be a good
way of getting the uninitiated to give Linux a try! If we manage to get
enough interest from a few institutions, charities or government agencies it
may be possible to obtain some funding for a few developers to work on the
project full or part-time! Thanks for all the support. I hope people on the
mailing lists don't think I just a self-promoting megalomaniac, I really do
want to help VI users and I believe (perhaps naively) that Vibuntu is a step
in the right direction. Please feel free to shoot me down in flames! <straps
on his asbestos wings and applies liberal amounts of sun-block> The press
release follows!

Vibuntu - The first Linux distro to be fully accessible to blind and
partially sighted users out of the box!

Vibuntu is a customised version of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution
optimised to meet the needs of visually impaired users by default. Vibuntu
comes in the form of a live CD  which you place in the CD drive and then
restart your computer. Once it boots a screen-reader is activated, USB
Braille displays are automatically detected and full screen magnification can
be turned on/off with a simple keystroke. Vibuntu also provides an attractive
visual interface which makes it suitable for sighted, partially sighted and
blind users. You can navigate the menus and applications using the
screen-reader and/or Braille display or switch this support off and use the
full screen magnification. This is an ideal way of introducing visually
impaired users to the Linux operating system which offers a free and
open-source alternative to expensive proprietary software. This is very safe
and secure way to let someone experience Linux and experiment without taking
any risks or making any changes to your computer. You can continue to use
Vibuntu as a live CD or install it to your hard drive either alongside
Windows or as a complete desktop replacement. It is also possible to install
and run Vibuntu from a USB memory stick if your computer supports USB
booting. If you are interested in trying Vibuntu or would just like to know
more about it please visit the project website at 
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