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Sat Dec 13 10:59:25 GMT 2008

can some one give me the url to the talking puppy linux distro. sorry  
if this is the wrong list but I am in need of this particular distro  
be ause I want to run linux on some older p2 and p3 boxes.

On Dec 12, 2008, at 9:34 AM, Anthony Sales wrote:

Vibuntu 1.2 Released!

I am happy to formally announce the realease of Vibuntu 1.2 and I feel  
that this is a significant release because I have now resolved the  
problem of Orca beong unable to read admin apps launched from the  
menus and activated USB Braille Display autoprobing. This was achieved  
by simply changing the entries in the admin menu so they launched as  
an ‘application in terminal’ using the sudo or gksu command when  
necessary. This simply opens a terminal, asks for the admin password  
if required and then runs the gui application. When you close the  
application the terminal closes automatically and focus is returned to  
the Orca window.  The only exception to this is remastersys gui which  
for some reason does not retain focus, you have to alt+tab to move  
from the terminal to the remastersys gui. (This is a problem with  
remastersys rather than Orca/Gnome etc).  Sighted or partially sighted  
users are advised to open the admin apps using the desktop icons which  
will run the admin applications in the standard way. (Thanks to Luke  
Davies for this suggestion) Of course this solution oly works on top  
of the changes recommended on the Orca SysAdmin page.

The download  URL’s are:
(This is a zip file containing iso and md5sum)  and
(These are standard iso downloads)

The homepage is here:

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project by  
offering feedback, suggestions and criticisms. I would especially like  
to thank Osvaldo La Rosa who has enthusiastically taken on the  
responsibility for hosting a Vibuntu webpage and mirroring the images.  
This will in all probability be the last release of the year as I now  
want to take stock of what has been done, make available a list of   
features/changes,  instructions on how to create Vibuntu from scratch  
and a wishlist of possible new features divided into easy, difficult  
and impossible!

As ever I would appreciate continued feedback and suggestions. I will  
set up a thread on the Ubuntu Assistive Technology and Accessibility  
section for people to post their suggestions!

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