Orca and the Live CD

Simon Bienlein s.bienlein at gmx.de
Sun Sep 23 11:46:28 BST 2007


I am interested in version 7.10 that is currently still in development
and that is supposed to be released on October 18. Upon testing the live
CD of September 21, I noticed that my BrlTTY Braille display was
recognized but that the screen reader Orca could not be started. My
brother deleted a panel applet as this caused an error. Then, I pressed
Alt+F2 and entered orca. Nothing happened. Neither was I able to
retrieve the Orca version via the console (Strg+Alt+F1) with the command
"orca --version". I did not receive an output and the input prompt of
the shell was not displayed either.

How should one proceed if one wants to try out or install the Ubuntu
Live CD with the screen reader Orca?

The unstable version of Debian GNU/Linux works flawlessly with Orca on
my laptop. Therefore, I actually rule out problems with the hardware
support of my laptop.

Thanks in advance for your hints.


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