brltty issue on ubuntu

Sérgio Neves sergionevess at
Fri Sep 21 05:49:01 BST 2007

I write to this list to talk once again about the problem of brltty on 
In /etc/init.d/brltty (a shell script), it says:
# /etc/brltty.conf may need to be propagated from the initramfs. (This is a

# pretty awful hack.)

if [ -e /dev/.initramfs/brltty.conf ] && [ -e /etc/default/brltty ]; then

if [ -e /etc/brltty.conf ]; then

mv /etc/brltty.conf /etc/brltty.conf.orig


mv /dev/.initramfs/brltty.conf /etc/brltty.conf

sed -i -e 's/^RUN_BRLTTY=.*/RUN_BRLTTY=yes/' /etc/default/brltty


I think that these mv lines were causing the problem of my /etc/brltty.conf 
is being overwritten each time I restart my computer, and I don't know why 
these lines were here.

On my desktop the brltty.conf file is not overwritten, but on my laptop it 

With help, the way we found to solve this problem was to comment the lines 
that say to rename brltty.conf to brltty.conf.orig and to copy brltty.conf 
from a place I don't know to /etc. But with this change, brltty stops to 
start automatically.

To solve this, and with help once again, I edited the 
/etc/udev/rules.d/85-brltty.rules file and changed the references from 
/lib/brltty/ to /bin/brltty. It starts to start automatically and 
not overwritting the brltty.conf file.

So, I'd like to know whether this is a problem or bug or not.

Could people that made this scripts or other knowledgeable people see what 
happens and why or forward this message to them?

Thanks for the attention on solving this problem.

Best regards

Sérgio Neves

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