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I'm forwarding this message because I no longer run Ubuntu so my information on updating
the initrd won't be correct.  Would someone more knowledgeable please help?
It is really annoying to have something break your accessibility.

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Hi Kenny,
Sorry for emailing you directly, but I don't want to fill the list of 
unecessary emails.
Can you explain me what is initrd image, this function and how do I access 
it? Or a web site where I can learn it in a easy way?
Sorry for this stupid question, but I don't dominate this subject.

Thanks and best regards

Sérgio Neves
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It looks like Ubuntu has a copy of brltty.conf on there initrd.  Probably 
the best solution is to cp your updated brltty.conf
from /etc to the copy on the initrd image.  then your changes will exist in 
both copies.

The other option is to comment out the lines in brltty.sh that do the copy.


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