Ubuntu-accessibility Digest, Vol 22, Issue 1

Herzog herzog at frontiernet.net
Sat Sep 1 20:19:03 BST 2007

ubuntu-accessibility-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote: 

However, we still have issues that need addressing, particularly, speech. Currently, the CD contains espeak 1.26, using 
PortAudio 19. I intend to update espeak to 1.29 in the next several days, however PortAudio 19 is causing us some 
issues, particularly relating to lockups and crashes with Orca. I would much appreciate it if people would test, and 
give feedback as to whether things work for them. I'll let you all know when espeak 1.29 is in, so we can then start 
doing more testing.
Will reports:    I found that my new Dell Inspiron 1420 version of Ubuntu ran a bunch of updates yesterday, and immediately afterwards ORCA started reading text, not just the Linux header stuff.  Hurray. I had to left-click anywhere  on the text I wanted read, and then the Capslock+semicolon caused it to read all of the text.  Tabbing around only reads the links, not the text so it is still a problem for a blind guy to do that left click, and not get sent to a site. Also is it imagination or does Orca voice sound better.
Will Herzog 

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