problems playing music when orca is running.

Lukas Loehrer listaddr1 at
Thu Oct 18 09:11:18 BST 2007

mike coulombe writes ("problems playing music when orca is running."):
> Hi, I notice when trying to play a song when orca is running all sound is lost.
> Exiting the music does get orca to speak again. I haven't tried this for awhile, but thought I red awhile ago that port audio was suppose to correct this problem.
> It doesn't matter if software mixing is enabled or not, the result
is the same. If this is suppose to work, is there another setting that
has to be made. Thanks Mike.

Gutsy still uses portaudio 18, so things have not changed with respect
to audio mixing. You have at least two options: either use speech-dispatcher or
try the aoss trick with gnome-speech as discussed before for example
on the orca list.

Best regards, Lukas

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