eSpeak - PPC architecture

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Mon Jan 22 00:23:39 GMT 2007

In article <4ea8be81e0jsd at>,
   Jonathan Duddington <jsd at> wrote:

> First I must check for other byte-order dependencies, and make some
> changes to the espeakedit program. I will let you know when it's ready
> to try.

> Once it's compiled, hopefully you will be able to just do:
>   epseakedit --compile

> and eSpeak will then be able speak OK.

I think the espeakedit program may be able to run on PPC and compile
the phoneme data.

  espeakedit --compile

will compile both the phoneme data and the dictionary data, if it finds
the source data in the expected places, for which the defaults are:

Let me know whether it works.

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