eSpeak - PPC architecture

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Sun Jan 21 16:17:44 GMT 2007

In article <002a01c73d75$4f025790$6901a8c0 at thinkpad>,
   Al Puzzuoli <alpuzz at> wrote:

> My PPC box is running the GUI; so what would be involved in
> recompiling the data?  Is it just a matter of installing the
> espeakedit program and issuing a command line?

First I must check for other byte-order dependencies, and make some
changes to the espeakedit program. I will let you know when it's ready
to try.

You will need to compile the  espeakedit  program, which shouldn't be a
problem.  You'll need the wxWidgets libraries, but these may already be
installed if you are running Ubuntu.  You need the packages:
libwxgtk2.6 and libwxgtk2.6-dev.

Once it's compiled, hopefully you will be able to just do:
  epseakedit --compile

and eSpeak will then be able speak OK.

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