eSpeak - PPC architecture

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Sun Jan 21 16:00:01 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

My PPC box is running the GUI; so what would be involved in recompiling the 
data?  Is it just a matter of installing the espeakedit program and issuing 
a command line?

if the process isn't too terribly complicated, I'd be happy to recompile the 
data at this end and pass it along to Luke, or whomever needs it, if that 
would save time.


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>   Luke Yelavich <themuso at> wrote:
>> I got the same behavior on Ubuntu Edgy powerpc.
>> > What happens if you run  espeakedit --compile  or  espeakedit
>> > --help ? Is there an error message?
>> luke at linden:~/espeak-data$ ../espeakedit-1.18/src/espeakedit --help
>> Error: Unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?
> OK.  I need to make a command line program with the compile phoneme
> routines, but which does not use wxWidgets.
> Do I have a deadline?
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