eSpeak - PPC architecture

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Mon Jan 15 02:42:28 GMT 2007

In article <4ea559fb55jsd at>,
   Jonathan Duddington <jsd at> wrote:

> Delete the file /usr/share/espeak-data/en_dict file, and also make
> sure you don't have a directory espeak-data in your user's home
> directory.

... because it will use the espeak-data in the user's home directory in
preference to /usr/share

> Then try re-compiling the dictionary data:
>    espeak --compile=en

I should have said, first go into the dictsource directory, which
contains the en_rules and en_list files.  It compiles  en_rules and
en_list to make espeak-data/en_dict.  

> Can it speak then?

> If the phoneme data (espeak-data/phondata,phonindex,phontab) is also
> incompatible, then that's a bigger problem.

If so, you will need espeakedit running on PPC to be able to compile
the phoneme data.  Which means you need a port of the espeakedit
program to PPC.

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