eSpeak - PPC architecture

Jonathan Duddington jsd at
Mon Jan 15 02:11:07 GMT 2007

In article <003501c73847$0652ed80$6901a8c0 at thinkpad>,
   Al Puzzuoli <alpuzz at> wrote:

> However, at least on the PPC architecture, there appears to still be
> a problem.  If I attempt to test Espeak via the command line, I get
> the following; Bad data: '/usr/share/espeak-data/en_dict'.  This was
> actually happening to me before I upgraded  to 1.18, and I was
> hoping that building the new version would resolve the issue. 

Does PPC have different byte-ordering from i386?

If so, it's possible that the data files are not binary compatible. 
Have you ever had eSpeak work on PPC, or know anyone who has?

Delete the file /usr/share/espeak-data/en_dict file, and also make sure
you don't have a directory espeak-data in your user's home directory.

Then try re-compiling the dictionary data:
   espeak --compile=en

Can it speak then?

If the phoneme data (espeak-data/phondata,phonindex,phontab) is also
incompatible, then that's a bigger problem.

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