A couple of questions.

Farhan i.am.farhan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 04:19:58 BST 2006

HI all, over the past couple days i've been playing with knot 3 on my laptop, using orca I have a couple of questions.
How do I get to the gnome system tray?
I can reach the gnome pannels and gnome desktops by hitting control alt tab and control alt right and left arrows respectivly, and when i use gaim it goes away in the system tray, and i can't bring up the main window, is there an orca configured hotkey to access the gnome tray?
Everything else i've figured out so far, some of the configuration dialogs are a bit spotty like the update manager and synaptic but i just use the terminal if I want to update any packages.

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