Meeting this week?

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Tue Jan 10 20:17:55 GMT 2006


19 works better for me.  I am afraid I don't have any Braille devices for
testing.  I have built latest gnopernicus 1.0 and tested with freetts/newest
gnome-mag packages.  My testing seemed to be ok.  Changelogs show some
improvements in Braille and aesthetics.

Doesn't gnopernicus get updated in gnome development?  It is part of the
gnome desktop tree no?  I suppose debian/ubuntu handles non-critical gnome
packages differently, but I believe gnome brought gnopernicus into the tree
around 2.4.  

Jason Grieves

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Am Montag, den 09.01.2006, 20:21 +0000 schrieb Henrik Nilsen Omma:
> Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Do we have an overview of which versions 
> of 'our' applications have gone into dapper, and which ones have 
> significant updates available in upstream?
> Looks like this page 
> still has a lot of TODOs.

NEW packages (which never were in Ubuntu before) can wait until
FeatureFreeze - package updates have to be done before (or need
exceptions). 'gnopernicus' is still a problematic case, since it needs a
newer brltty, which has some big changes. I think I'm going to upload
them - if stuff breaks too hard, we can still roll back. I'd still need
testers (since I don't have any Braille devices), but I'll make that a
separate call on the list.

> As for the time, I guess 14 and 19 UTC are the usual choices. I'm fine 
> either way. 19 if I had to pick one.

Same here.

Have a nice day,

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