Meeting this week?

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Jan 9 20:54:47 GMT 2006


Am Montag, den 09.01.2006, 20:21 +0000 schrieb Henrik Nilsen Omma:
> Luke Yelavich wrote:
> Do we have an overview of which versions 
> of 'our' applications have gone into dapper, and which ones have 
> significant updates available in upstream?
> Looks like this page 
> still has a lot of TODOs.

NEW packages (which never were in Ubuntu before) can wait until
FeatureFreeze - package updates have to be done before (or need
exceptions). 'gnopernicus' is still a problematic case, since it needs a
newer brltty, which has some big changes. I think I'm going to upload
them - if stuff breaks too hard, we can still roll back. I'd still need
testers (since I don't have any Braille devices), but I'll make that a
separate call on the list.

> As for the time, I guess 14 and 19 UTC are the usual choices. I'm fine 
> either way. 19 if I had to pick one.

Same here.

Have a nice day,

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