Meeting this week?

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon Jan 9 20:21:44 GMT 2006

Luke Yelavich wrote:

>Hi all
>Is everybody ok for a meeting some time this week? Even though nothing 
>much may have happened, we still need to progress forward, particularly 
>since upstream version freeze is not that far away.
Yeah, I've been quite busy with the new website roll-out. The upstream 
version freeze is a good point. Do we have an overview of which versions 
of 'our' applications have gone into dapper, and which ones have 
significant updates available in upstream?

Looks like this page 
still has a lot of TODOs.

As for the time, I guess 14 and 19 UTC are the usual choices. I'm fine 
either way. 19 if I had to pick one.

- Henrik

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