TTS voices project

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon Dec 4 15:01:45 GMT 2006

Krister Ekstrom wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd be glad to help in any way possible with the Swedish voice, but as i
> understood it from a friend who already is trying to help out it's a
> nightmare to put together a voice. How do you suggest one started if i
> no nothing about the ins and outs of Espeak?

Hi Krister,

First we need to work out how to easily install new voices not yet 
available in Ubuntu so you can start testing. Jonathan says he has made 
a simple Swedish voice so that should at least give you something to test.

Run a few simple sentences through it from the command line like:

espeak -v sw "Att vara elektriker i rymden är så farligt att man tvingas 
skriva sitt testamente. Fråga Christer Fuglesang, 49. – Nu ska jag göra 
mitt livs resa, säger Sveriges ende astronaut."

Copied from today's Aftonbladet :)

Listen carefully and try to identify the parts of pronunciation where it 
makes the worst mistakes. At this point I run out of useful advice 
because I don't know the process yet myself. I'm sure Jonathan can offer 
better advice as we go along.

The voice files are described here: so we should all read that :)


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