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> I'd be glad to help in any way possible with the Swedish voice, but
> as i understood it from a friend who already is trying to help out
> it's a nightmare to put together a voice. How do you suggest one
> started if i no nothing about the ins and outs of Espeak?

One of the first things is to get a good set of vowels.  I've put some
alternative possible vowel sounds into the draft Swedish voice, and it
would be useful if you (or others) could select which sound the best. 
This is a typical first step for a language. 

I sent the following a couple of weeks ago to a couple of other people
who had expressed an interest in Swedish, but I've had no response. I
can only make any progress when I get feedback.

Original message:
  Download eSpeak from

I have made alternative versions of most of the vowel phonemes, so you
can choose which sounds the best.  I've also made some simple
spelling-to-phoneme rules, but they give a lot of errors.  I think
Swedish spelling-to-sound rules are not simple.

  speak -vsv
to speak with the Swedish voice.  The prosody and intonation are
unchanged from the English voice.

I am copying this email to two others who have previously asked about a
Swedish voice for eSpeak.   I'll be interested to hear which are your
preferences from among the alternative vowel phonemes.  Details of
these are attached.  If you have any questions, please ask.

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