Live CD with AT features: first test

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Apr 13 16:14:42 BST 2006

Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> Hello Henrik,
> I'm attempting to troubleshoot the speech related issues you mentioned 
> and thus far, I have one observation and one question.
> 1.  It appears that test-speech is not being installed as part of 
> gnome-speech on the live cd.  I remember this issue was discussed a few 
> weeks back, and I thought that it was fixed, at least in the 
> gnome-speech available from the repository.

Hm, yes I noticed that as well. We should just report that as a bug 
against gnome-speech. ( I was trying to get orca running, on my 
installed system but was blocked by this).

Ah, I see Luke has already filed it :)

> 2.  For purposes of troubleshooting I'm looking at how to set up a 
> persistent file system.  There is a nice wiki on doing this at:
> The procedure seems simple enough, but my question is that according to 
> the wiki, to enable persistence, you need to press f6 at the boot menu, 
> and att the persistent boot parameter.
> If it isn't already, could that parameter be included by default when 
> booting with accessibility, or would doing so break things if a 
> persistent file system were actually not present?

I happened to see a bug today claiming that persistence is quite complex 
to use. Yeah, I don't know what implications turning it on by default 
would have if you didn't have a USB stick or whatever attached. I guess 
it's easy to find out :) 

I'm weary of trying to add this now, way past feature freeze. It is 
possible to select an F5 option and then add more with F6 right?

  - Henrik


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