Any way at all to do an independent install?

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon Apr 10 18:35:45 BST 2006

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> You can ssh into a live session, but I'm not sure Espresso can be run 
> from the command line or be scripted (that would be good).

OK, so I've asked around on #ubuntu-devel and it turns out that Espresso 
can unfortunately not be run from the CLI currently. A CLI (command line 
interface) version of espresso would basically be d-i again though. I 
don't know if you can run d-i from the CLI of a live CD ATM.

Adding command line options (and thus scriptability) to espresso might 
be an interesting future feature goal.

There is an ssh-server udeb, usually used by s390 installs, which lets 
you ssh into an installer, though I don't know quite how that works.

  - Henrik


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