[u-a-dev] ALViC- Accessible Linux for Visually Challenged Release

OSSD, CDAC Mumbai predictanumaan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:33:50 UTC 2013

Dear BalramanJi,

Your statement that ALViC hasn't got features like monitor toggle, volume
control, speak battery status, speak time and speak date is not true. ALViC
has all these features. Login to ALViC and press Ctrl+Alt+k (same as in
Vinux) to get a list of functions and key-bindings. Keybindings for
functions mentioned by you are -
Function                          ALViC key               Vinux key
Toggle monitor on/ off    Ctrl+Alt+m               Ctrl+Alt+m
Mute/ unmute volume    Super+Alt+Down    Orca+End
Raise volume                  Super+Alt+Right     Orca+PgUp
Lower volume                 Super+Alt+Left        Orca+PgDown
Speak battery status      Orca+y                     Orca+a
Speak clipboard text      Orca+d                     Orca+r
Speak time                      Orca+t                      Orca+t
Speak date                      Orca+tt                     Orca+tt

Some ALViC keybindings differ from Vinux for good reason. Vinux keybinding
Speak battery status (Orca+a) clashes with and disables Orca Calc
keybinding Read input line (Orca+a). Vinux keybinding Read clipboard text
(Orca+r) clashes with and disables Orca Calc keybinding Set row as dynamic
column header (Orca+r). ALViC avoids this overlap by using different
keybindings. Vinux keybindings for volume have changed only recently,
earlier they were identical to ALViC's.

There is no question of getting offended by users' feedback. We highly
value feedback if it is based on facts.

ALViC has following new features which Vinux or any other distros do not
have. Please try out ALViC and give us feedback on these features.

   - Skim reading
   - Navigation by sentence
   - Structural navigation of text documents
   - PDF documents made accessible
   - Easy navigation on Desktop icon view
   - Enabling Numpad when Numlock is on
   - Enabling echoes for Super and Menu keys

Thanks and regards.

Dattatray Bhat
Accessibility Team
CDAC Mumbai
*On Tue Mar 12 00:43:48 UTC 2013*, *Balaram* chess.balaram at gmail.com wrote:
This was my reply to the mumbai team. Hello, I am using vinux which is
based on Ubuntu 11.04. There are many features which your new release
hasn't got. for example, monitor toggle. This feature allows us to turn off
the monitor at our wish. Volume control. Insert+ page up, page down ETC.
Again, Insert+a will speak the battery status, insert+t time, and insert+d
date. So many of those. I don't understand why we are wasting time on those
things on which people have already worked. Hope, instead of getting
offended, we will be able to think the right way. Best regards, P.
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