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Freddy Martinez freddymartinez9 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 21:05:55 GMT 2006

I found a user that has a lot of accessibility issues, and was not
sure to if these should go under bug reports or request features. I
submit them to you all and await your response. It seems these are
problems with users who may not have mice etc. I really like the
idea of the accessibility team having using Microsoft's tools once,
and it was awful. In short, I joined the team on LP and hope to
work with you all shortly. Submitted by Thomas Wessel, velle at velle.dk.

No keyboard shortcut for opening new tab in shell

The typical shortcut from other terminals and applications in general
is <ctrl> + <t>

In System Settings, you cant open the icons using keyboard

1) open System Settings
3) notice that you cant open the items with the keyboard, at least not
using <enter>

In System Settings, keyboard use creates multiple highlighting

1) open System Settings
2) use the right and left arrow to play arround on each row and use
the tab to change row
3) notice that there will one highlighted item on each row


In System Settings, the keyboard shortcut to return to the overview is

1) open System Settings
2) click e.g. Desktop
3) notice that this looks very much like inside Konquerer (I don't
know if it actually is), especially since the
Show All icon looks like the Back icon in Konquerer
4) You can not return to overview using <alt> + <left> or <alt> +
<up>, but only using <escape>, to me this is irregular.

An additional solution (that should not rule out any of the others)
could be to underline one of the letters in Show all.


Can not set keyboard shortcut for changing keyboard layout

I cant find a place to set a keyboard shortcut for changing keyboard layout
Cant find it in neither
* System Settings -> Regional & Accessability -> Keyboard Shortcuts
* System Settings -> Regional & Accessability -> Keyboard Layout

In both Gnome and Windows it resides in the latter, and therefor there
in my openion there should at least be a link in the latter
to whereever it can be set.


System Settings -> Keyboard Layout, information looks like an input field

Notice the text field in the bottom labeled "Command". As far as I can
understand, it just tells you how to do this change in bash. I
really like this feature! But it looks like you are supposed to write
something there yourself, and it should be changed into a label
or uneditable input field or something like that.


Not very good naming of Regional & Accessability

System Settings ->  Regional & Accessability

I'm not a native English speaker but to me this last one Regional &
Accessability is not superb. Regional is an adjective, and does
not do well here. And evenmore Accessability is a noun. I just thought
it should be different, maybe Regional Settings.


When setting keyboard shortcuts, <alt> is sometimes displayed as <win>

1) open System Settings -> Regional & Accessability -> Keyboard Shortcuts
2) set a shortcut

When pressing and holding the keys to the left, and doing it in the
EXACT order they mentioned, you should see the writing to the right.

<ctrl> + <shift> + <alt> => <win> + <ctrl> + <shift> !WRONG!

Now take your finger of <alt> and

<ctrl> + <shift> => <alt> + <ctrl> + <shift> !WRONG!


When resetting keyboard layout, it just adds the old layouts

System Settings -> Regional & Accessability -> Keyboard Layout
1) Set a layout with different variant, eg. U.S. English us
2) Click apply
3) Make a change to this keyboard layout, eg. Layout variant := dvorak.
4) Click Reset

Notice that whatever was default before, it is just added.


When looking at pdf in Konquerer, you cant use the Konquerer
shortcuts, e.g. <ctrl> + <l> for getting to the address bar.


In most applications with tabs (terminals, chat windows, editors,
browsers) <ctrl> + <tab> changes between the tabs. But not in
Konquerer. But if looking at a pdf document in Konquerer, it suddenly works.

I think it should work, in addtion to <ctrl> + <pgdn>, in all settings.

-Freddy Martinez-
Kubuntu. [GNU/]Linux for human beings.
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