New Official Flavor Process Issues (Was Re: Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix packages)

Jeremy Bicha jeremy.bicha at
Thu Jul 28 14:19:38 UTC 2022

On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 9:55 AM <eeickmeyer at> wrote:
> This most certainly is not a hasty escalation. I've been aware of
> Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix for 3 years and in that time, Joshua's intention
> was to make it an official flavor. They have been encouraged to become
> an official flavor since Day 0.

The escalation from my perspective is that it appears to me like y'all
made a request to become an official flavor on Saturday, got a reply
on Sunday, and then invoked the authority of the Ubuntu Community
Council on Wednesday. I don't think that's being fair to the Tech

You can make requests for improvement as an individual developer
without needing to speak on behalf of the Community Council.

Thank you,
Jeremy Bicha

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