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Rudra Saraswat rs2009 at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 29 18:25:50 UTC 2022


I'm Rudra Saraswat, the dev of Ubuntu Unity (
https://twitter.com/ubuntu_unity, https://ubuntuunity.org). We are
interested in applying for official flavor status, after having maintained
and developed Ubuntu Unity and Unity7 for over two years (we've had six
releases so far, including two LTS releases). Here's our flavor proposal:

We also recently released Unity 7.6, the latest version of the Unity7
desktop environment, which includes a number of new features and a revamped
UI. We've also been collaborating with the UBports team and are interested
in maintaining a Lomiri variant of Ubuntu Unity with the release of the
24.04 LTS (by which time most of the Lomiri/Unity8 packages should be
present in Ubuntu).

We have a number of people on-board, including Khurshid Alam, who's been
maintaining Unity7 really well all these years. There's also Maik (who's
also an Ubuntu Member),Tobiyo (also involved with the Lomiri team) and
Allan Carvalho, our designer. Muqtadir from the Yaru team, had added
support for Unity7 to Yaru and is still involved in the team (you may know
him from the Yaru accent colors project, which was implemented in Ubuntu
22.04; we also later added support for accent colors in Unity 7.6).

Our packages are being sponsored by seb128. Here's the PPA:

Here's the source code of Unity 7.6 and Unity Control Center 7.6:
https://gitlab.com/ubuntu-unity/unity/unity and

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Rudra Saraswat
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