Please demote maas 1.2 from Ubuntu Precise

Andres Rodriguez andreserl at
Thu Mar 26 13:40:19 UTC 2015

Hi Martin,

SOrry for the late reply.

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 3:25 AM, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:

> Hey Andres,
> Andres Rodriguez [2015-02-27 15:32 -0500]:
> > This is a request to demote MAAS from Main for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise.
> >
> > MAAS version (1.2) in Ubuntu Precise is no longer maintained upstream and
> > we are no longer committed to maintain it in Ubuntu. This is a very old
> > release (we are at 1.7 now) and currently would require a lot of effort
> to
> > keep maintaining it, hence we are requesting its demotion.
> These are the current versions in precise:
>  maas | 0.1+bzr482+dfsg-0ubuntu1          | precise          | source, all
>  maas | 1.2+bzr1373+dfsg-0ubuntu1~12.04.6 | precise-updates  | source, all
> We technically cannot demote packages in stable releases. However, as
> you already updated the 0.1 version to 1.2, there might be a case to
> update 1.2 to something newer that you still maintain which is still
> fully backwards compatible to 1.2. We recently discussed that as part
> of the SRU exception, too, and I had the impression that you try hard
> to not break backwards compat?

This is still correct. MAAS 1.7 is still backwards compatible with MAAS 1.2.

> Note that we require filing MIR bugs (like MAAS' in #961344) for
> exactly this case: it's a commitment to "yes, we want to support this
> for 5 years", and thus also a promise to people who actually roll this
> out in production.

Acknowledged. I discussed this briefly with Adam Conrad and clarified the
expectations as far of maintenance. With this clarification, we have agreed
on continue maintaining 1.2 in Precise.

> Finally, if 1.5/1.7 are not backwards compatible to 1.2, and you don't
> want to update 1.2 any more, what's the minimum maintenance that
> actually is required on 1.2? As long as it works, it doesn't require
> updating, and given that it is a mechanism to completely own/control a
> bunch of hardware, this doesn't appear to be a primary worry for
> security updates either?

At this point, we have decided to drop the request for demotion. As per my
conversation with Adam, we will produce security updates, if applicable,
and  continue the minimum maintenance required for 1.2.

Thanks for the response and sorry for the noise.

> Thanks,
> Martin
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