docker in 14.04

Patricia Gaughen patricia.gaughen at
Fri Nov 14 00:13:40 UTC 2014

Below is a proposal on how we'd like to bring the latest docker to the
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS. I wanted to get feedback, and then after the
feedback is resolved, support from the tech board on this proposal. As
we pulled this proposal together we tried to balance the need to keep
the LTS stable, but also to give our user base the latest and greatest
docker as simply as possible.

The Proposed Strategy

LTS release - provide version-ed package names for major and minor
release changes, micro release changes will just be an update to the
existing version  (i.e. the 1.3 release of docker’s package will be, and if there is a 1.3.1 release of docker it will be an
update to  When 1.4 releases, we will create a new
package - In addition, we will provide a meta package, which will point to the latest version of docker.  If
a user chooses to install using the meta package, they will get the
latest version each time they update.

    - area of concern: dependencies. It is expected that during the
LTS life cycle, docker may have dependency changes that will be
problematic.  To address this, we're propsing including any new docker
dependencies in the docker package, like what is done with juju.

   - area of concern: upgrades. An area of concern is upgrades of
docker containers. In order to address this concern, we need to create
an automated testing gate (until the gate is written it will be a
manual test)  - if the package fails, it doesn't get through.

Development releases - we will bump the version of Docker in the
development release as part of the normal process. We will not provide
version-ed package names, nor a meta package.  Once the development
release is shipped, new version will be pushed the next release.

Security and Bug fixes -  For both the LTS and Development releases,
security and bug fixes will be provided through new upstream releases.

Docker Upgrade Test - Here’s what I'm thinking our automated testing
gate would need to test (1) upgrade from the previous version to the
new one (2) upgrade from release version to the new version.

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