Juju Stable Update Policy

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 8 13:32:06 UTC 2014

Hello Alexis,

thanks for writing down the summary, and the initial adjustments after
our PMs. Sorry for responding so late, this slipped through the cracks :(

In general this seems fine to me, I just have two questions:

Alexis Bruemmer [2014-06-26 13:00 -0700]:
> It is critical that the state server and agents be kept in sync, and both
> of these sets of machines are created, booted, and managed by Juju.

Out of interest, how is that enforced? If you dist-upgrade one VM but
not the other, will bad things happen? Or should that be worded

> Tests are required for all changes, each change must be signed off by two
> Juju developers and have a specific QA review, and a variety of fresh
> install and upgrade combinations must be explicitly tested on every cloud
> that Juju supports (for details see the “Testing a revision” section of the
> Juju CI Design and Operation document linked below)

This really seems to be the crux of regression testing as far as SRUs
and existing cloud deployments are concerned. Whenever I try to open
the google docs I just get a "File unavailable. Sorry, there's a
problem with this file.  Please reload.", so I can't look at the
details. Does that mean that newer clients are tested on existing
deployments with older servers and agents? Which combinations does
that cover?



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