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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri May 10 11:25:50 UTC 2013

Jonathan Riddell [2013-05-08 14:59 +0100]:
> Discussing ways to make the SRU process smoother with upstream KDE folks we
> wondered if uploads to -proposed could go straight into the archive then be
> approved by ~ubuntu-sru during the 7 days waiting period.  If there's a bug
> which is causing lots of bugs reports upstreams are keen to get updates in
> ASAP and anything which delays it longer means they spend more time
> triaging bugs which they have already fixed. It would just remove one of
> the places this process can be blocked. What does tech board think?

I'm not that keen on this to be honest. Quite a number of developers
and even technical users are running -proposed, and for a stable
update it's always good to have at least two pairs of eyes on a
change. At least in my ubuntu-sru time there have been quite a number
of uploads which had to be rejected due to missing/wrong LP bug links,
a really bad changelog, errors in applying patches, and the like. I
also hit changes which were inappropriate for an SRU in the first

I think it is much better to prod ubuntu-sru members on IRC with
"this is urgent, can you please review?", and then sort out potential
fallout on IRC for faster turnaround times.



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